Royal Ascot 2013 Day Five Results

2014 Royal Ascot Day Four Results

Day four of the 2014 Royal Ascot meeting takes place on Friday 20th June this year. There are six races throughout the afternoon, including four Group contests and the valuable Coronation Stakes and marathon Queen's Vase. We'll have all the results right here as they happen.

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Royal Ascot Results 2014 - Friday

20th June - Going - Good to firm

14:30 The Albany Stakes (6f) - Group 3

15Cursory Glance 14/1172126A AtzeniR Varian
223Sunset Glow 7/1112126V EspinozaWesley A Ward
316Patience Alexander 9/2102126A KirbyP D Evans
413Malabar 25/1142126W Twiston-DaviesM Channon
515Osaila 16/142126L DettoriR Hannon
617Peace And War 25/152126J P SpencerO Stevens
73Bitter Lake 9/1192126W BuickC Appleby
86Effusive 16/112126S De SousaW Haggas
920Sexy Legs 9/2132126W M LordanD Wachman
101Appleberry 33/132126A MullenM Appleby
114Bond's Girl 14/1232126R HughesR Fahey
1218Secret Liaison 66/1152126James DoyleJ Tate
132Bazzana 8/1242126R L MooreM Meade
1410Gilded Lace 100/1222126L JonesJ Moore
1519Secret Lightning 100/182126M HarleyS Kirk
1624York Express 100/172126T QueallyI Mohammed
1721Showcard 50/192126J FortuneG L Moore
187Elite Gardens 6/1212126K FallonS Bin Suroor
198Expensive Date 40/162126Luke MorrisP Cole
2011Gold Waltz 80/1162126J CrowleyR Beckett
219Fujiano 100/122126D ProbertD Haydn Jones

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15:05 The Wolferton Rated Stakes (1m2f) - Listed

13Contributer 9/1154131G BakerE Dunlop
214Bold Sniper 2/114127R L MooreSir M Stoute
316Cafe Society 6/194123J CrowleyG Waterhouse
412Sennockian Star 25/134127J FanningM Johnston
54Hall Of Mirrors 14/144131J O'BrienA O'Brien
611Energizer 16/1145128A KirbyC Appleby
713Dick Doughtywylie 12/176127W BuickJ Gosden
85Boomshackerlacker 16/1164130P CosgraveG Baker
915Rebellious Guest 33/1115126O PeslierG Margarson
108Wigmore Hall 14/157130T QueallyMichael Bell
112Edu Querido 50/165131M HarleyM Botti
126First Mohican 16/186130R HughesA King
137Saxo Jack 5/124130K FallonS Bin Suroor

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15:45 - The King Edward VII Stakes (1m4f) - Group 2

14Eagle Top 12/153126W BuickJ Gosden
22Adelaide 6/543126J O'BrienA O'Brien
37Scotland 25/163126J CrowleyA Balding
49Snow Sky 6/133126James DoyleSir M Stoute
53Bunker 8/1103126L DettoriR Hannon
65Miner's Lamp 7/173126R L MooreC Appleby
76Odeon 16/123126G LeeJ Given
81Dylan Mouth 9/183129F BrancaS Botti
98Seagull Star 25/113126A AtzeniW Haggas

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16:25 - The Coronation Stakes (1m) - Group 1

U10Rosalind 20/1123126K FallonKenneth McPeek
19Rizeena 11/273126R L MooreC Brittain
24Lesstalk In Paris 15/283126C SoumillonJ Rouget
31Euro Charline 16/113126A AtzeniM Botti
47My Titania 7/243126D P McDonoghJ Oxx
511Sandiva 25/153126L DettoriR Fahey
612Tapestry 14/123126J O'BrienA O'Brien
72J Wonder 20/1113126J FortuneB Meehan
88Radiator 16/1103126James DoyleSir M Stoute
95Lightning Thunder 5/293126O PeslierO Stevens
103Kiyoshi 16/133126J P SpencerC Hills
116Lucky Kristale 20/163126R HughesG Margarson

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17:00 The Queen's Vase (2m) - Group 3

15Hartnell 7/223129J FanningM Johnston
23Century 5/1103129J O'BrienA O'Brien
38Marzocco 11/873129W BuickJ Gosden
42Big Orange 33/163129T QueallyMichael Bell
510Montaly 9/133129D ProbertA Balding
66Hatsaway 33/143129L JonesC Brittain
712Gold Approach 16/193124S De SousaW Haggas
87Loving Your Work 33/1123129P CosgraveG Baker
91Anglo Irish 12/153129L DettoriJ Gosden
104God's Speed 20/1113129C CatlinRae Guest

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17:35 The Buckingham Palace Stakes (7f) - Handicap

18Louis The Pious 33/1296130S De SousaD O'Meara
24Horsted Keynes 8/1214131J P SpencerR Varian
317Watchable 14/1254126D TudhopeD O'Meara
423Bronze Angel 10/1305125Martin DwyerM Tregoning
518Jack's Revenge 20/1176126P CosgraveG Baker
65Santefisio 20/1188131J FortuneK Dalgleish
72Intransigent 33/1235130O MurphyA Balding
87Georgian Bay 20/1284130G LeeK Burke
916Russian Realm 5/1134127R L MooreSir M Stoute
106Pastoral Player 16/137130Hayley TurnerH Morrison
1119Deauville Prince 100/1144126R KingscoteT Dascombe
1222Secret Art 25/1264125J CrowleyW Knight
1310Hillbilly Boy 9/1124128A AtzeniM Smith
1413Zanetto 66/1194125Thomas BrownA Balding
1529Tamayuz Star 50/1324123L JonesG Margarson
169Blessington 8/1274128W BuickJ Gosden
1728Sir Reginald 33/186124T HamiltonR Fahey
1815Blaine 20/114127James DoyleK A Ryan
1921Mabait 50/1228118G BuckellD Simcock
2020One Word More 33/1164126L DettoriC Hills
2112Bubbly Bellini 50/1207121S CorbyA McGuinness
2214Brae Hill 50/1248123Samantha BellR Fahey
233Heaven's Guest 33/1154129G ChalonerR Fahey
2424Rene Mathis 20/174125D NolanR Fahey
2525Excellent Guest 25/1117122W Twiston-DaviesG Margarson
2611Mezzotint 25/1315128J O'BrienS C Williams
2727Jammy Guest 66/154124J FanningG Margarson
281Fort Knox 12/144136R HughesC Appleby

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