Royal Ascot Day 4 Results

2016 Royal Ascot Day Four Results

Day four of the 2016 Royal Ascot meeting takes place on Friday 17th June. There are six races throughout the afternoon, including four Group contests and the valuable Coronation Stakes, the Queen's Vase and the Commonwealth Cup. We'll have all the results right here as they happen.

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Royal Ascot Results 2016 - Friday

17th June - Going - Good to Soft

14:30 The Albany Stakes (6f) - Group 3

12Brave Anna 16/1162126J A HeffernanA O'Brien
21Bletchley 16/142126O MurphyR Beckett
313Queen Kindly 13/2142126J P SpencerR Fahey
44Create A Dream 11/2152126L DettoriW A Ward
55Cuff 2/122126R L MooreA O'Brien
69Kilmah 12/172126R KingscoteM Johnston
76Dainty Dandy 33/1102126M HarleyP Cole
810Melesina 100/162126P HanaganR Fahey
915Sea Of Snow 33/1132126J DoyleM Johnston
108High On Love 50/132126S DonohoeC Fellowes
1111Oh Grace 20/112126K J ManningJ Bolger
123Cheval Blanche 66/152126J McDonaldMichael Bell
137Grizzel 13/282126P DobbsR Hannon
1412Perfect Madge 20/192126P J SmullenK A Ryan
1516Spin Doctor 25/1112126T HamiltonR Fahey
1614Romantic View 11/1122126W BuickC Appleby

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15:05 - The King Edward VII Stakes (1m4f) - Group 2

11Across The Stars 7/143126L DettoriSir M Stoute
22Beacon Rock 7/223126R L MooreA O'Brien
39Muntahaa 10/153126P HanaganJ Gosden
45Housesofparliament 16/163126J A HeffernanA O'Brien
53Carntop 9/233126F M BerryR Beckett
66Humphrey Bogart 7/113126S LeveyR Hannon
78Lustrous Light 12/173126C T KeaneG Lyons
87Linguistic 7/183126W BuickJ Gosden
94Choreographer 9/293126A AtzeniR Varian

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15:40 The Commonwealth Cup (6f) - Group 1

112Quiet Reflection 7/483126D C CostelloK Burke
25Kachy 14/133129R KingscoteT Dascombe
38Washington DC 8/163129R L MooreA O'Brien
411La Rioja 11/1123126O MurphyH Candy
510Illuminate 14/143126P DobbsR Hannon
62Cheikeljack 7/123129V CheminaudH Pantall
79Waterloo Bridge 33/173129J A HeffernanA O'Brien
84Dream Dubai 16/193129A KirbyS Kirk
93Donjuan Triumphant 5/1113129S De SousaR Fahey
106Log Out Island 7/153129J DoyleR Hannon

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16:20 The Coronation Stakes (1m) - Group 1

112Qemah 6/1113126G BenoistJ Rouget
29Nemoralia 4/193126O PeslierJ Noseda
31Alice Springs 8/133126R L MooreA O'Brien
410Now Or Never 16/183126K FallonM O'Callaghan
511Promising Run 33/153126J DoyleS bin Suroor
62Ashadihan 33/173126J P SpencerK A Ryan
66Jet Setting 9/443126S FoleyA Keatley
813Tanaza 20/123126P J SmullenD Weld
98Nathra 5/1133126L DettoriJ Gosden
103Besharah 16/163126A AtzeniW Haggas
115Fireglow 16/1123126W BuickM Johnston
127Marenko 50/113126S LeveyR Hannon
134Czabo 33/1103126S De SousaM Channon

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17:00 The Duke of Edinburgh Stakes (1m4f) - Handicap

113Kinema 8/1195130F M BerryR Beckett
21Elite Army 9/2135136J DoyleS bin Suroor
33Kings Fete 13/2155135R L MooreSir M Stoute
415First Sitting 14/195130G BakerC Wall
519Fabricate 8/174128P J SmullenMichael Bell
614A Soldier's Life 25/1165130J McDonaldC Appleby
711Top Tug 16/155131D SweeneyA King
818Rare Rhythm 13/2174128W BuickC Appleby
98Ivan Grozny 10/1106132M HarleyW Mullins
1016Felix Mendelssohn 33/1145129J P SpencerD Simcock
115Windshear 33/1185135S LeveyR Hannon
122Cymro 8/1224135R KingscoteT Dascombe
1312Missed Call 20/1216130T QueallyJ Fanshawe
146Quarterback 50/144134P DobbsR Haugen
154Ajman Bridge 16/166135A AtzeniR Varian
1610Notarised 25/125132S De SousaM Johnston
179John Reel 40/117132A KirbyP D Evans
1817Faithful Creek 50/1204128J FortuneB Meehan
197Hamelin 20/136133L DettoriG Scott

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17:35 The Queen's Vase (2m) - Group 3

114Sword Fighter 33/143129C O'DonoghueA O'Brien
27Harbour Law 8/1133129G BakerMrs L Mongan
316Twilight Payment 20/1193129K J ManningJ Bolger
49Landofhopeandglory 100/30113129R L MooreA O'Brien
54Ebediyin 4/163129P J SmullenD Weld
66Gunnery 9/1153129J P SpencerP Chapple-Hyam
715The Tartan Spartan 33/1173129T O'SheaJ P Shanahan
818Girling 14/133124F M BerryR Beckett
91Beaverbrook 33/153129W BuickM Johnston
1013Soldier In Action 16/1103129J FanningM Johnston
1112Ormito 5/113129D ProbertA Balding
123Cole Porter 16/1183129J A HeffernanA O'Brien
1311Opposition 10/1123129L DettoriE Dunlop
1417Daphne 20/1143124P CosgraveW Haggas
1519Saga Sprint 66/183124K FallonJ Finn
162Birthplace 50/173129Ana O'BrienJ P O'Brien
178King Julien 100/193129A KirbyJohn Ryan
1810Magnum 40/1163129J FortuneB Meehan

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