Royal Ascot Day 2 Results

2018 Royal Ascot Day Two Results

Day two of the 2018 Royal Ascot meeting takes place on Wednesday 20th June. There are six races throughout the afternoon, including four Group contests, the highlight being the Prince Of Wales's Stakes. We'll have all the results right here as they happen.

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Royal Ascot Results 2018 - Wednesday

20th June - Going - Good to Firm

14:30 The Queen Mary Stakes (5f) - Group 2

119Signora Cabello 25/1162126O MurphyJ J Quinn
28Gossamer Wings 25/1132126D O'BrienA O'Brien
317Shades Of Blue 5/1222126A KirbyClive Cox
421So Perfect 8/1112126R L MooreA O'Brien
52Come On Leicester 20/112126T MarquandR Hannon
616Servalan 13/292126C O'DonoghueMrs J Harrington
76Forever In Dreams 8/152126A HamelinM Palussiere
812Little Kim 20/162126B A CurtisK Burke
911Kurious 7/1172126Fran BerryH Candy
1018Shumookhi 100/182126E GreatrexA Watson
111Chelsea Cloisters 100/30142126L DettoriW A Ward
123Country Rose 100/1182126D ProbertR Harris
1310Kodyanna 33/1122126P HanaganR Fahey
1414Red Balloons 33/122126D TudhopeR Fahey
1522Yolo Again 50/172126N G McCullaghJ Murtagh
1615Second Generation 25/1212126P MulrennanJ Tate
1720Snazzy 40/142126S DonohoeC Fellowes
185Deia Glory 100/1202126P J McDonaldS Dixon
194Daphinia 33/132126S De SousaH Spiller
2013Luchador 150/1102126L MorrisA Watson
217Global Goddess 200/1192126G MosseMiss G Kelleway
229Haats Off 200/1152126T WhelanB Barr

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15:05 The Queen's Vase Stakes (1m 6f) - Group 2

15Kew Gardens 100/3073126R L MooreA O'Brien
29Southern France 9/253126J A HeffernanA O'Brien
38Nelson 9/263126D O'BrienA O'Brien
41Almoghared 12/143126J CrowleyJ Gosden
512Yabass 66/1123126E GreatrexA Watson
62Drapers Guild 33/193126W M LordanJ P O'Brien
711Stream Of Stars 5/2113126L DettoriJ Gosden
810Sovereign Duke 50/113126Fran BerryH Candy
96King's Proctor 20/123126James DoyleM Johnston
107Lynwood Gold 12/1103126P J McDonaldM Johnston
114Jeremiah 20/183126O MurphyC Fellowes
123Dubai Empire 66/133126T QueallyJ J Quinn

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15:40 - The Duke Of Cambridge Stakes (1m) - Group 2

13Aljazzi 9/275126W BuickM Botti
28Tribute Act 10/114126A KirbyJ Fanshawe
311Wilamina 11/285126L DettoriM Meade
410Urban Fox 13/234126James DoyleW Haggas
57Tomyris 16/154126A AtzeniR Varian
62Promising Run 25/145129C SoumillonS bin Suroor
74Arabian Hope 18/124126O MurphyS bin Suroor
81Hydrangea 7/4114131R L MooreA O'Brien
95Billesdon Bess 80/1104126Hollie DoyleR Hannon
109Unforgetable Filly 20/164126Josephine GordonH Palmer
116Lincoln Rocks 50/195126D TudhopeD O'Meara

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16:20 - The Prince of Wales's Stakes (1m2f) - Group 1

16Poet's Word 11/215126James DoyleSir M Stoute
22Cracksman 2/554126L DettoriJ Gosden
35Hawkbill 11/135126W BuickC Appleby
41Cliffs Of Moher 10/124126R L MooreA O'Brien
54Eminent 16/144126O MurphyM Meade
67Royal Julius 66/175126G MosseJ Reynier
73Desert Encounter 40/166126J P SpencerD Simcock

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17:00 The Royal Hunt Cup (1m) - Heritage Handicap

121Settle For Bay 16/1224127W J LeeD Marnane
210Afaak 10/1174131J CrowleyC Hills
34Circus Couture 100/1136134J EganJane Chapple-Hyam
425What's The Story 33/1194126Fran BerryK Dalgleish
56Flaming Spear 14/156133R WinstonD Ivory
611Hors De Combat 33/1157131A KirbyD Coakley
719Raising Sand 14/196128J P SpencerJ Osborne
832Seniority 7/1304124James DoyleW Haggas
920Bless Him 20/1104128O MurphyD Simcock
108Tricorn 16/1234131J McDonaldJ Gosden
1123Escobar 12/1164127M HarleyD O'Meara
125Master Merion 25/1144133R L MooreW A Ward
1318Cape Byron 14/1254128A AtzeniR Varian
1417Firmament 16/1266129D TudhopeD O'Meara
1531Surrey Hope 50/1334124E GreatrexJ Tuite
1622Burnt Sugar 33/186127P MulrennanR G Fell
1726Mukalal 33/1324125D O'NeillM Tregoning
1813Saltonstall 10/134131W BuickM Halford
1916Tony Curtis 40/1185129W M LordanR Hannon
2024Medahim 20/1284126T MarquandR Hannon
2127Kynren 12/1114124B A CurtisT D Barron
2212Gabrial 16/1319131L DettoriR Fahey
231Zhui Feng 20/125136P DobbsMrs A Perrett
2415Repercussion 50/1295130J A HeffernanC Fellowes
2414Goring 100/1276130C BishopE Houghton
262Love Dreams 40/114134P J McDonaldM Johnston
2728Mountain Rescue 50/146124G MosseC Wall
287Arcanada 33/1215131R KingscoteT Dascombe
299Archetype 20/1204131S De SousaS Crisford
3029Keyser Soze 16/174124T QueallyRichard Spencer

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17:35 The Jersey Stakes (7f) - Group 3

19Expert Eye 8/183127J McDonaldSir M Stoute
215Society Power 8/1113127J P SpencerW Haggas
321Could It Be Love 11/2133124R L MooreA O'Brien
417Symbolization 14/1103127W BuickC Appleby
56Arbalet 100/193127Josephine GordonH Palmer
620Walk In The Sun 20/133127O MurphyM Meade
71James Garfield 12/1173132S De SousaG Scott
810Headway 12/163127D TudhopeW Haggas
92Glorious Journey 25/1163130James DoyleC Appleby
1022Eirene 66/1203124R WinstonD Ivory
1114Purser 9/1123127L DettoriJ Gosden
1218Tabdeed 10/1183127D O'NeillO Burrows
1311Hemp Hemp Hurray 50/173127J RosarioW A Ward
147Brother Bear 22/153127C O'DonoghueMrs J Harrington
155Arabian Coast 40/113127C SoumillonS bin Suroor
168Emaraaty 4/1143127J CrowleyJ Gosden
1712Lake Volta 33/1223127R KingscoteM Johnston
1813Merlin Magic 50/123127David EganD Elsworth
1919Tangled 100/1233127T MarquandR Hannon
204Another Batt 66/1193127A KirbyG Scott
2123Madeline 66/1153124A AtzeniR Varian

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